Luca Greco was born in  Catania (Italy) in 1975.

When he was 8 years old he started to play piano with Letizia Emanuele.

With Gabriella Leonardi he obtained  attestation of Musical Theory and Solfeggio at “Vincenzo Bellini” Musical Institute” in Catania.

After attending a pop music Composition course at Mogol‘s Centro Europeo di Toscolano,(C.E.T),  he was at Franco Mussida‘s Centro Professione Musica (C.P.M.) in Milan, attending for advanced harmony course with Bebo Ferra, and piano course with Alessandro Bianchi.

Again at Mogol‘s C.E.T., he attended a course for Music Composition for Movies and Spots with, mainly, Detto Mariano and Stelvio Cipriani.

He wrote music for audiovisuals with Skillmedia Master Snc.